Christmas Gift ideas ❆

‘Tis the season when everyone is running around, and thinking about what gifts to get for their favourite people. During the Christmas time it can be quite difficult to find inspiration for interesting presents. As my Christmas gift to you I have made a list of some ideas to help you out during this beautiful, yet stressful time of year.


  • Jewelry is a great present for this jolly season with lots of different price ranges, so this is a perfect gift whether it’s for that special someone or your neighbour.
    • Necklaces, watches, rings


  • This is a great present to stay cozy during those cold winter nights.
    • Hoodies, Sweaters, Pajamas

Self Care

  • Everyone enjoys being pampered, so let them have a spa day at home!  
    • Bath bombs, Shower Gel, Perfume/Body Mist


  • Food is the way to any person’s heart. This is a great gift for that favourite foodie in your life.
    • Chocolate, Cookies, Snacks

DIY Boxes

  • This is my personal favourite. You can choose an overall theme, and pick your favourite things to put in!
    • Christmas themed box, movie night box, self care box

I hope that you found this gift guide useful, and helped you get the perfect gifts for every person you love! And with that enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! ❆