10 Ways to Get Your Hours In

With the end of the year fastly approaching, many grade 12 students are hustling to get their 40 volunteer hours in time for the deadline. For this reason, I have composed a list of 10 ways to get your hours in.

1. Senior Homes

A wide variety of volunteer opportunities exist within senior homes that could cater to whatever interests you — from front desk reception to committee work; from the café and kitchen to greeting and driving at the Friendship Luncheon programs; from cooking at the barbecues to helping arrange for guest speakers — senior homes could always use your help. For more information visit https://www.oakville.ca/culturerec/seniors-centres.html

2. Local Churches

Many churches are open to accepting volunteers so make sure to visit your local church to find out the diverse ways you could help out.

3. Elementary Schools

Elementary schools offer great opportunities for volunteer experience and hours so make sure to visit or email your elementary school teachers to find out the ways in which you could help out while getting your volunteer hours!

4. Local Libraries

Through the Oakville Public Library’s six branches, OPL provides learning opportunities for students all across the town of Oakville. For more information visit https://www.opl.on.ca/blog/volunteering/

5. Festivals

Even though festivals and parades are seasonal, make sure to always stay on the lookout for upcoming events happening in Oakville, surrounding towns like Burlington or Toronto, simply by checking out the town’s website.

6. Volunteer at Soup Kitchens

Many soup kitchens are always open to accepting volunteers. Some local soup kitchens include:

7. Town of Oakville

The town of Oakville provides many resources and opportunities for students to be involved in their communities through a variety of different things while also getting those hours! For more information visit https://www.oakville.ca/townhall/volunteer-opportunities.html


Whatever your talents, interests, or schedule, there is an opportunity for you to support their programs and events or providing expertise and leadership. For more information visit http://ymcaofoakville.org/opportunities-to-give/volunteer/

9. HMC Connections

The HMC is a non-profit organization, that rely on volunteers to get involved by assisting newcomers to Canada. The organization provides endless possibilities for volunteers to help with special events, governance, or working one-on-one with a newcomer. For more information visit http://hmcconnections.com/services/volunteer-opportunities/

10. Our School

STA provides its students with many opportunities to get their volunteer hours in while also getting involved in our school community. Make sure to listen for announcements and check out the school website for volunteer experiences within our school clubs or visit the student service office for diverse volunteer opportunities.

*Some volunteer locations will provide volunteers with a signed form of their hours, however, not all do. Make sure to take the volunteer forms from the student service office. When signed, return to the front desk in student services to register your hours.