20 Questions with Ms. Bilinski


Ms. Bilinski is new to STA this year and is my 10th grade math teacher. I thought it would be fun to play a classic game, 20 questions, to get to know her better.

  1. What is your favourite subject to teach?


  1. What schools have you taught at before STA?

Corpus Christi, Holy Trinity and Bishop Reding

  1. Do you prefer teaching older or younger grades?

Older grades

  1. What type of math is your favourite?

Quadratics and Trigonometry

  1. What is your favourite past times besides teaching?

Playing the piano, listening to music, hiking and going to movies

 Do you have any pets?


  1. Have you gone on any exciting vacations or trips? If so, where was your favourite?

I went to a 5 star luxury all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya Cancun, Mexico

  1. If you could go any place in the world where would you go and why?

I would go to Egypt to see the Pyramids and take a Nile cruise because there is so much history and mystery there.

  1. What is your favourite food?

Pizza and chocolate

  1. Do you like rainy days or snowy winter days better?

I like rainy days better

  1. If you could be any fictional character who would you be?

I would be Cinderella because she finally meets her Prince Charming

 What is your favourite show or movie?

My favourite movie is the Titanic

  1. Do you speak any languages other than English fluently?


  1. What is your favourite holiday?


  1. Do you prefer summer or winter?


  1. Have you lived in a different province or country before?


  1. What is your favourite colour?


 Dogs or cats?

I like dogs better

  1. What is your favourite genre of music?


  1. Any interesting facts about yourself?

I have my gr. 8 Royal Conservatory of Music in piano

I like to figure skate, go shopping and travel