CLUB ALERT! Social Justice Council

Meetings are on Mondays in Room 202!

Coming back stronger than ever, the STA Social Justice Council welcomes new students for the second year in a row to kickstart an exciting and fulfilling year!

Dedicated to raising money for charity and raising awareness about pressing issues that we see circulating our world, the SJ Council is an amazing opportunity for students to involve themselves in the community and learn about what is currently happening in our society. The club teaches students new ways to interpret and understand issues, not only in Canada but around the world. We discuss large issues which open pathways for new valid opinions to be presented while allowing others to see through their peer’s eyes.

Last year, under the leadership of the club’s president, Lauren Bale, the club accomplished many exciting events including, the Pink Day popcorn sale, International Women’s Day activities, and putting together gift boxes for First Nations communities.

And of course, the club presidents, Marian Aziz and Megan Bureau, have crafted a number of fun events which ensure that we are going to have a successful year, full of excitement. From the October’s We Scare Hunger food drive to exciting events during International Women’s week, the SJC will surely make a difference.

One of the club’s leaders, Megan Bureau, had a few words to share:

“The Social Justice Council strives to be a safe, inclusive space where like-minded individuals come together to be the voices of the silent and to create change in our local and global communities. This year we hope to do just that. With our club growing every week and new events each month, SJC is going to create a movement that continually inspires others!”

So… the social justice club is an amazing way to make a difference in our community, oh and get your volunteer hours! We hope to see you there!