Horrifying Human Rights, thefts in the day

We are in flames, we are protesting, hear our cry

We protest against police brutality, hear our cry

This is not our goodbye

Bullets charged, not held accountable

This is “unfortunate”-this adamant

Reform must be near not far and wide

We cried, our eyes have not yet dried

Us, unarmed, us peaceful, us hopeful

Lights taken, outrage shaken

Lights of one’s hope, we will say nope, we will not cope

Light’s of one’s spirit, notorious awakening

No patience, for death, no patience for misery

Disillusion around, notoriously brutal

The bigger demolished by the biggest

O you who hold your head so high

Take it to the sky

Would you fly

Would you soar up whereby

To a killer, you would kill

To a theft you would steal

To God you will kneel

Brazen lawlessness

Given thankfulness

Given “tolerance”

The power of predominance

We stand, in unity we stand, in unity we must stand

In unity we will have to stand

In unity we can stand

In unity, we are standing