Everything You Need to Know About STA’s Virtual Escape Room

by Kayla Vasquez

Everything You Need to Know About STA Interact’s Virtual Escape Room

by Kayla Vasquez

Hey Raiders!

As most of you have heard, STA’s Rotary Interact Club will be hosting Temple Chaos, a Virtual Escape Room on Microsoft Teams! Want to know more? Here are your questions, answered.

Q. When will it take place?

A. The virtual event is set for Thursday, April 29th. Anyone who is interested can join at 6 pm on Microsoft Teams.

Q. How will the competing teams be organized?

A. If you sign up with four other friends or team members that you have chosen, you will be placed with them. If not, teams of five will be organized randomly. Each team will have one or two “tour guides” who narrate the event and offer hints. Each team will compete to escape with the fastest time.

Q. How will I access the Escape Room meeting?

A. Upon paying and signing up, you and your team will be added to your own breakout rooms within the general Escape Room team. This is where you will meet together and begin the event with your tour guide.

Q. How do I pay to attend?

A. The price per person is $7.50 and all funds will be paid through School Cash Online. As said before, a portion of the proceeds will support local charities in Oakville: Kerr Street Mission and Society of St Vincent de Paul