Global Crisis Collides with Community

Syrian refugees have been in the bright media spotlight a lot lately. But their struggles also catapulted the parishioners of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church to action, and to sponsor one particular family of Syrian refugees. In the true spirit of Christmas, students of STA also chipped in to help this family, who has come so far in the hopes that they shall have a better life. The deadline for donating money and gift cards to help St. Andrew’s Church passed on Wednesday December 16, 2015, but STA chaplain Ms. Rerecich also added that our spirit of giving and helping the Syrian refugees should not end at Christmas, but that it must continue all year long as they adjust to a new life in Canada.

Ms. Rerecich also mentioned that the STA community raised an amazing $1, 200.00 to help the family with approximately five children. They shall be living in Oakville, and some of the older children may even attend STA during second semester. She explained that they are fleeing violence and if they remain in their war-torn homeland, they shall die. She also said we must open our boarders, because we have a moral obligation to help these people who have travelled so far away from everything they know. According to Ms. Rerecich, there is the faith aspect and the humanitarian aspect, for those who do not have faith, of helping the Syrian refugees. She mentioned that when attempting to help them, it is important to remember that all people need to feel welcome, they need to feel like they can be themselves, and they need the beauty of freedom to shine in their hearts. She also firmly believes that the Syrian refugees are going to be a gift for Canadians because as we accept them into Canada with open hearts and minds, we shall show the world true Canadian values. And as we, the STA community, accept the Syrian family that St. Andrew’s Church is sponsoring, we shall also show all Canadians that we are a big school with an even bigger heart.