Lines, and textures, and brushstrokes, oh my!

The art club is officially back for another year at STA. Every Tuesday after school, student artists meet in room 304, the art room, to paint, gather inspiration, and spend time with their friends amongst the smell of paper and the sound of pop music floating out of a nearby radio. The club is lead by art teacher Ms. Jasionowska, and it came back to the school in early spring of last year. Since then, the art club has grown a lot. Members are continuing working on a project they started last year, which they hope to be completed by the end of this year. Before STA had grown to the large population it is today, it used to be a small school, which was always helping the community through various fundraisers and food drives. This earned them the reputation of a small school with a big heart. Ms. Jasionowska then had the idea to apply this to tradition to the art club. Every student gets to paint a story on a medium-sized, thin, white canvas. The only condition is that their story must contain an image of a heart, or several hearts, to reflect STA’s tradition of helping and supporting others.


The art club may be small compared to other clubs in the school, but its members are very dedicated. Grade twelve student Veronica Mendez, and grade eleven student Angelica Alcobendas, both shared their thoughts and feelings about art club, and art in general. Ms. Mendez mentioned that she liked to draw and work with digital media, while Ms. Alcobendas mentioned that she preferred painting, particularly watercolours. Both members have been drawing and interested in art for most of their lives. Ms. Alcobendas also said that art club was great because while school gets very busy, the art club lets young artists draw, paint and create art; something they might not normally get a chance to do.


The art club is always looking for new members. Those who have been drawing forever, or those who have never held a paintbrush before are all welcome at art club to express their creativity, and contribute to the heart project. It’s a great place to relax after a long day, paint, listen to music, and make friends.