The Flower that Blew Away

Funny thing is that I have been hurt before, but I hurt myself the most, way more than anyone has hurt me.

My name is Rowan. I am treated like a waste of space, the kid you snob at in the hallway.

Your world doesn’t include me. I am the flower that is loose with no support system.

While your seeds are rooted in one another, I am the one with flimsy limbs, a soul that drifts like a floret.

Going to school is an onion to the eye; it hurts that no one can see or hear me.

The only person that saw me, left me.

Sebastian didn’t want to be stuck with a nobody, looking like a six year old walking around with an imaginary friend.

If I am of fiction, how come I am not perfect?

My heart has been stomped on and I feel like the fuel for your hate fire, dragging me to hell and back.

I want someone to catch me before I blow away forever.