Why Do TV Networks Keep Revamping Classic Shows?

The cast of hit show Roseanne

In the past few years, the television industry has been stormed by reboots of classic TV shows. From Roseanne to Gilmore Girls and Star Trek, these series have generated some serious nostalgia for millennials who grew up with these iconic shows, but why have networks obsessed with this concept? Have writers run out of compelling ideas or are networks simply trying to target a new audience? Here are four reasons why I think networks keep revamping classic T.V shows:

1. Writers Have Run Out Of Creative Ideas

It is no secret that television networks are struggling to produce creative concepts for new television series. Just think about how many times you have seen a commercial for a crime thriller, a medical drama or a superhero series. It appears as if networks are replicating show after show with slight variations to intrigue viewers. Although some of these series can be entertaining, after a while these shows become extremely repetitive and predictable.

2.  Networks Want To Attract A New Generation

According to Business Insider, only 55% of millennials reported that cable television was their first or second choice of watching television. TV networks realize that revamping millennial’s favourite shows is an easy way to lure them into using cable again because of their nostalgic connection to the shows.

3. Reboots Are Reliable

With television networks incapable of producing original shows that appeal to the mainstream, rebooting vintage series is a simple, easy and reliable method to broaden their audience and gain viewers. Audiences that have seen a show before will have already established a relationship with the characters and would be intrigued to discover what the remake has in-store.

4. Networks Are Competing With Streaming Platforms

As streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu increase in users, cable networks are struggling to maintain an audience market share. This leaves networks scrambling for an asset to tempt viewers to stay. However, they realized that because they own the rights to classic television shows, they’re the only ones that can reproduce them. This gives cable TV an advantage over streaming platforms and would persuade viewers to retain from quitting cable television in order to watch the new remakes. However, the fight is not over because streaming platforms have begun to buy the rights off of broadcasters…

The old version of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’
The reboot of the series coming to Netflix Oct 26th

Does This Trend Show Any Signs Of Stopping Or Slowing Down?

Nope! Networks are already in talks about revamping some of your favourite shows such as The Jetsons, Miami Vice, The Twilight Zone, The Magic School Bus, The Munsters and The Office.