Is French Club an exciting place to be? The answer is YES. In STA not many people like French, but how about you look at the activities they offer each Monday after school. In my opinion I thought French club was boring, but after hearing what they do each Monday, I started joining. The French club does not require you to speak French. The activities the French club offers depends on seasons.

In Fall/Winter the French club organizes a Crêpe day where you get to eat unlimited amounts of crêpes with some delicious fruits and with a warm chocolate sauce. Some days the French club would watch a movie like: Les Intouchables (A must see movie and watch trailer). The favourite part of the French club for me is we get to speak French on general topics like: Paris Attack or general topics like bullying (Intimidé), racism and on France. It’s like we are in a parliament and Mrs. Vučina (our French club teacher/leader) is the judge. She hears what each person thinks of that topic and we all reflect our opinions. Lastly the most exciting part is Christmas. The French club writes letters to children (like we are Secret Santas) and last week we also painted colourful Christmas bulbs which we can either take home or hang on the Christmas Tree in the Lobby.

I do not know much about what we will do in Spring/Summer period , but what I know is that Mrs. Vučina is preparing a lot of exciting activities for us. I recommend for Mrs. Vučina to make us all wear French on a Monday. We could watch a French soccer match like PSG vs Olympique Lyon or maybe speak with French people who live in France and lastly do a Baguette Day with grape juice and all types of cheese (try Blue Cheese to be French).

It’s never too late to join French club. Everyone is really friendly and it feels like a big French family. I think I should have made up your minds to join the French club so come and join us each Monday after school from 3:30 to 4: 30 in room 212.