Dare Day Cowards

This past Tuesday was the annual Dare Day in support of HIV/AIDS awareness. Quad 3 PJ’s had the chance to host the annual event and I was chosen for Period 3 lunch. A selection of dares one could choose from were: red lipstick, red nails, a moustauche, hair dye, or HIV AIDS written on your cheek. All of these dates were available for the low cost of $1-$3! Surprisingly we had zero people show up to get dared by their friends. We even lowered the cost to ZERO dollars!!! Many people were coaxed into visiteing the table set up in the atrium but chickened out after learning exactly what it was. The only words I have for this is that Grade 9’s and 10’s are chickens: I hope next year, Grade 11 and 12 will restore my faith in this worthy cause.