Album Review: Perfect Velvet by Red Velvet

If you love kpop take a listen, Red velvet is a multi talented female mostly r&b kpop group who debuted in August 1, 2014. Since then they have released 15 mini albums.

Red Velvet came out with the brilliant album Peek-A-Boo in November 2017. This album highlights the rappers more than the previous ones, and this album overall could be my favourite album.

Peek-A-Boo– This title track is overall very catchy and hypnotizing. The girls’ synchronization defines perpendicular. The rap verses have usage of flutes, vibraphones with silvery and wind like sound. Of course inspired by Halloween which explains the great spooky vibes but I believe this song doesn’t have as great of a technique as their others. (8.1/10)

Bad boy(Perfect Velvet)– This is a really popular song, the chorus is the most reliable on beauty and unity, and includes some harmonious glittery, yet empowering background. (8.7/10)

All right(Perfect Velvet)-This B-side track is vocally perfect and very gorgeous. Their harmony can be found nostalgic or optimistic, while allowing any subjective reaction with an open conversation. This song is inspired by 80’s retro boom box, adding sprinkle, blends vocal with the beats to sound euphoniously pleasing, overall very bright and screams unison. (9.3/10)

Look– This track highlights the influences from retro disco vibes, r&b sound. The harmonies here are presented as refined, which can appear very brisk, leaving dancing vibes. (9.3/10)

I just– This melancholic more matured remix, can be defined as the most simplest song on this track, this is melodic with very few lyrics, but kept their audience wanting more. (8.9/10)

Kingdom Come– Masterpiece, probably one of their best songs ever, the instrumental background is very unique, my favourite song because this is a very smooth jazzy r&b song, very unique with heavy drums in the background. (15/10)

My second date– Simply sounds like 4 different songs mashed together, includes various ideas and perspectives like an ice cream truck, chicken farm, heavy fans and a glitch. The divided attention between rap and other sections makes this sound confusing. This doesn’t conclude as a bad song, but sounds experimentally lost, therefore concludes as my least favourite on this track. (6.9/10)

Attaboy– Quite mentioned previously, has a similar background to “second date” but with undivided attention. More rapid than the others and predominantly features a reliable pace in rapping. The hook gives a clear dimension of purpose within this song, with many different melodies and sections so it may come off as strong. Creatively mixes different personas and mashes them up together, concepts crashing together messily resulting as recognizable for authenticity. (11/10)

Perfect 10- The wavering melody could be easily mistaken for just a ballad if any slower, but very fast calm, and relaxing, heavenly song, 90’s R&B jam, with astonishing background vocals. Surprisingly converts to a minimalistic chorus being very chill. (12/10)

About love– This song will aspire you to “love” the contrast and well balanced flow between rap and the persistent vocals. The very slow and sparkly and melancholic hook, adds more joy in both rapping and singing aspects with a piano. (8.6/10)

Moonlight Melody– Easily highlights vocalists with a beautiful ballad, finishes this album to a refreshingly very slow. Doesn’t correlate after all the upbeat and maybe baffling true perfectionists sounds. Casually takes you back home, with a violin inspired rhythm while beautiful cidery voices touches this song, and gives a fairytale “melody”. (8.9/10)