An Interview with the Knitting Club

The knitting club is a new club that we have at our school, and it is for ALL grades. I interviewed our very own Nancy Wang for some further information about the club.

Why join the Knitting Club?

Nancy: It’s great if you want to learn how to knit.

How many people are in the club?

Nancy: Four people at the moment, me and my friends.

Are you guys working on anything in particular at the moment?

Nancy: Everyone is doing their personal thing. Mrs. Conforti will gladly help you, but you have to bring your own yarn.

If you could describe the Knitting Club in three words, what would they be?

Nancy: Sociable, time-consuming, and fun

What would you say for those who would like to join?

Nancy: It’s fun and keeps you busy, you get candy and get to hang out with your friends. It isn’t serious. If you are curious or new, just join!

You heard it here: Every Thursday in room 216, you can join Mrs. Conforti, Nancy, and all her friends for some knitting fun.