Big Win For Theatre Aquinas!

By Gabbie C

Last Tuesday, Theatre Aquinas participated in the annual Sears Festival. It was a night of drama, romance, and celebrated the community of artists across Halton District.

Theatre Aquinas performed a play called “Confessions of the Guilty Party”, an original play written by Sawyer Ferreira. It tells the story of five students who are suspected of ruining a girl’s reputation, and are forced to spend their Saturday in detention until someone confesses.

In less than an hour, the cast brought the characters to life, and captivated the audience with its witty humour, and its moments of drama and romance. As the story unraveled, so did the characters, and the audience learned more about each member of the guilty party as the show went on. They put on a wonderful performance, and the audience responded to every joke and every romantic gesture right until the end.

And rightfully so, the hard work of the cast and crew was not overlooked: the play went on to receive three awards for “Best Original Script”, “Outstanding Ensemble”, and “District Champions”, and are moving on to represent the Halton District at the Regionals!

“So what’s next?” If you want to see the three-time award winning play, you can watch their school performance at 2:45 on Monday. Tickets are $2 at the door. Don’t miss the chance to support Theatre Aquinas and to see the play that will dominate Regionals!