Fragile Faith

December 17, 2020 Ms Power 1

Congratulations for Raider Weekly staff members Emma Pascu and Diane Choi on their recent win in the grades 9-12 category for HCDSB’s Keeping Christ in […]

4512 Hours

April 3, 2018 Ms Power 1

A world without spirit is as lifeless as a world without Netflix. As a student of St. Thomas Aquinas, high school is your world for four […]

Walking with Jesus

May 17, 2017 Ms Power 0

By Daniel D. The Walk With Jesus occurred at Jean Vanier Secondary School on May 4, and it was very successful. As the rain held […]

The Virtual Life

March 19, 2017 Ms Power 0

By Daniel D Chris Vollum was welcomed to our school on Monday, March 6, to speak to the students about using our social media safely. […]