Break for Debate: Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?

Debate club has a question for you: are hotdogs sandwiches or not? Here are their arguments:


For Against
1. One of the original founders of the sandwich, Earl of Sandwich defined a sandwich as a portable food to be eaten with one hand. Instead of having to sit down to eat a traditional meat meal, meat can be put on bread and eaten on the go. This directly aligns with the portability of a hot dog. 1. Different people from different countries invented the sandwich and the hot dog. John Montagu invented the sandwich in Britain, while Johann Georghehner invented the hot dog in Germany. This means that the hot dog and sandwich were created as different food items.
2. The verb “to sandwich” means to squeeze something between 2 other things. This verb applies to a hotdog because the hot dog is “sandwiched” between the two sides of bread. 2. Sandwiches shouldn’t include the traditional meat and ingredients a hot dog does.
3. Many common sandwiches have names that state the contents that lie between the bread. Such as a BLT, which has bacon, lettuce and tomato between the bread. The same language applies to a hotdog, the name states the contents of the bread, so the sandwich part is implied. 3. A sandwich has a different classification; if a hot dog is a sandwich then so is a hamburger, taco, wrap etc. If all these are sandwiches, why are they not sold at sandwich stores such as Subway and Quiznos?


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