Girls just want to have fun


Back in February, female staff and senior students ran a Girl’s Night In event for the junior girls here at STA. The event was headed up by Ms. Maciel, who has had much experience in running the event. “I co-chaired the first Girls Night In at Notre Dame CSS about three years ago and again when I taught there last year,” Ms. Maciel explains. “The events were both a success and something that the female student body looked forward too.”

Having run Girl’s Night In events before, Ms. Maciel is quite the pro. When asked what motivated her to run it again this year, she responded that, “I knew that Girls Night In would be well received.  STA has such a strong school community and I knew that the female staff and students would be excited about an event that helps them to strengthen their relationships with one another and absorb some of the positive messages Girls Night In sends.”

According to Ms. Maciel, the event turnout was incredible and everyone had an amazing time. “The night went really well.  Students seemed excited about the guest speaker, the yoga, and of course the therapy dogs. Also, our student leaders did an amazing job taking initiative in setting up and running the event.  I was really proud of how hard they worked and the positive leadership that they demonstrated.”

Yes, they had therapy dogs. And if that doesn’t draw one’s attention, what will? There was yoga, bonding time, a guest speaker, Carly Agro, and so many other fun things happening. Ms. Maciel said, “One of my favourite parts of the event, and many other staff who was in attendance would agree, was prior to our keynote speaker students came up to the front to pay a compliment to a friend or teacher.  So often we forget to recognize how amazing the women in our school community are.  It not only feels great to give a compliment, but to receive one as well!”

Given this year’s turn out, response, and how it went, one wonders if the event will run again next year. Ms. Maciel responds that she would love to run it again. “I definitely think the Girls Night In should become a STA tradition and would love to continue to be a part of the event.  I am excited to see how the event evolves and hope that girls continue to see the importance of female leadership and empowerment.”

So any senior lady raiders next year, be sure to get involved in this amazing event next year. And for the junior girls, make sure you come out to the Girl’s Night In and take part in the great activities. Girl’s do just want to have fun, after all, and this is the chance.