Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet

The school play was a few weeks ago, some went and some did not. It was a great experience showcasing the talents of fellow students in our school.

Here is a summary of what happened:

It’s about an assistant professor who has fallen in love with the head professor. The head professor doesn’t show the same affection for the assistant professor, but she works diligently for him despite this lack in love.

Later on in the play the assistant professor becomes sad because the head professor has been transferred to teach at another school. It just so happens that the girl the head professor is in love with works at that school. The assistant professor wants to quit because the head professor told her that she is nothing without him because he was the only one who saw her for who she truly was. Everyone else thought she was weird.

The assistant professor really likes Shakespeare, and wants to find out if there were any comedies in the tragedies. So, she from a code to her answer. While, she was throwing away her stuff (cause she quit) she by accident threw that away too. So, she fell in the garbage can and fell into the stories of Desdemona and Romeo and Juliet. She changed some parts and became a main character in each story. And she realized what she was looking for at the end.