HAUNTING Halloween Records

Mind Blowing Halloween Records

Have you ever wondered how far some people would go for Halloween. Working for months! HERE ARE SOME OF SPOOKIEST world records.

  • Biggest children’s horror book series- RL Stine’s Goosebumps with a record breaking 62 books
  • Largest collection of dolls “ La Isla de las Munecas” in Mexico
  • Largest gathering of skeletons- 2,018 people from Swansea University in the UK dressed up as skeletons
  • Biggest Jack-O-Lantern – Scott Cully of Bronx, New York with a pumpkin that weighed 1,810.5 pounds
  • Longest scream- Richard Fink in Dublin with 39.84 seconds!
  • Biggest Halloween gathering- 17,777 people attended in New Orleans of Halloween 2010
  • Biggest Ouija Board- grand midway hotel has a Ouija board on their rooftop that is 121.01m squared.
  • Most popular costumes in the past four years were: 2014 (Anna and Elsa), 2015 (Harley Quinn), 2016 (The Stranger Things cast and Ghostbusters), 2017 (Wonder Woman)
  • Longest Haunted Walk is the Pure Terror Scream Park in Monroe New York and it is 1,933.72 meters

Did you know that! Well now you know! Happy Spooky Season