Have You Met This Raider: Marta Fernandes

Hey hey STA, have you met this Raider? Marta Fernandes is a Grade Ten student who is known for her various roles in STA’s Rock Club. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her freshman year was cut short. While socially distanced, I sat down with Marta in hopes of getting to know her better and to find out what it’s like being a grade ten student during a global pandemic.

Q: What was it like to start school last year and then have your freshman year be cut short due to the pandemic? 

A: “Starting high school last year and having it being cut so short was definitely interesting and a bit overwhelming. It was a huge change from any other school year especially with having to deal with the change from elementary to high school.”

Q: What was student life like for you at STA before the shutdown? 

A: “Before the pandemic, I participated in the school’s Rock Club in which my band members and I learned and practiced a variety of different songs, some of which we selected and performed at the annual Christmas concert, Rock the Halls. In House Band, an extension of STA’s Rock Club, we started practicing for Oakville’s annual Rib Fest. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the pandemic. Just before the shutdown, I had started tryouts for the junior girl’s rugby team here at STA.”

Q: What has the pandemic made you appreciate? 

A: “This pandemic has made me appreciate many things, some of which include how much effort teachers put into their jobs, as well as further appreciating extracurricular activities.”

Q: What did you miss the most while being absent from school? 

A: “While being absent from school life, what I missed the most was definitely clubs and teams.”

Q: Since crucial high school years are fast approaching (grades 11 and 12), has the pandemic made a dent in your plan for the future? 

A: “Although crucial years are approaching, the pandemic has barely made a dent in my future. Working online was challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it actually teaches you how to be an independent learner and prepares you for problem-solving in the future.”

Q: How are you coping with the abrupt changes? What advice would you give to current and future STA students? 

A: “Ways I’m coping with the abrupt changes are to compose myself when I am overwhelmed and to stay organized. Some advice I would give to future Raiders is to make sure you ask others for help and support if/when you need it. You have to remember that grades do not define the type of person you are so, don’t stress if you have one bad grade! Also, take the time you need to learn about concepts from each subject and always leave room for improvement!.”

There you have it, another Raider life revealed. If you haven’t met this Raider before, you sure have now!

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