2020-21 Graduates Face Uncertainty As They Begin Senior Year

By: Izabel Brucaj and Emma Christie

Our economy, workforce, hospitals, homes, and social relationships have suffered detrimental effects as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic has especially struck our education system, where new procedures have made school life difficult for everyone. Teachers, parents, staff, and students have scrambled to get back into the habits after a six-month March Break came to an end in September. Because of this, students have had to adjust to a new schedule, balance school with work, prepare for assignments, stay motivated, and, for our Grade 12’s, prepare applications for post-secondary education.

The Class of 2020 had their year cut short before prom and graduation, some of the most memorable aspects of senior year. While their year may have been unforgettable, it was definitely not for the expected reasons. Now, the class of 2021 is left wondering whether their senior year will have a similar outcome. With their entire year up in the air, we reached out to the seniors to hear how they felt starting their final year of high school during a pandemic.

“I think COVID has made getting back into the school year very different for all of us. Although some people have settled into it, I think a lot of people still feel a bit lost,” says Student Council President Jack Kukolic.

It’s clear that many still feel uncomfortable with the situation, given its circumstances. “COVID makes me sad, stressed, and it also feels like we have less support in general, which is tough because we’re going into university so we need help, but many are preoccupied with figuring out the curriculum which is fair, but it still sucks,” explains Neive Matsuda.

The beginning of the school year has been complicated. Many feel a challenge with the curriculum being more condensed, and teachers are still unsure of the best ways to run their classes. Both students and teachers have endured quite a lot in the first few months of the new school year.

With that being said, students have kept their optimism high. “If I can adapt to the change in March, the fact that our year is ruined is easy to accept,” remarks Amaya Commisso. Members of the STA community feel that by accepting the way the situation has unveiled, students can collectively move forward with their shared experiences. Being back at school has eased some people’s anxieties, “I think just being able to go into the building is nice. You still get to see some people and just have that social aspect of the school year,” Jack remarks. 

We have, and will continue to encounter obstacles along our way, however, it is important that we lean on and support each other. The pandemic has jeopardized our last year in many aspects, but there are other ways to make this year memorable and as fun as possible. By participating in our clubs available at STA, running a new initiative, or promoting school spirit, we can make the absolute best of our senior year!

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