Have your met the Construction class?

Hey Raiders!

Have you met the students of construction class? I spoke to students of Mr. Gendron’s second period grade 10 class: Designing, cutting, building.

What are the majority of the lessons?

N: We are discussing how to use machines and their significance.

What is the class’ latest project/assignment?

N: We are building our very own stools. We get to clamp, cut and shape things. It’s a very fun assignment!

Why did you choose Construction?

J: I like being able to build my own things. Construction isn’t like engineering but it’s cool to know how to use machines. That’s why I chose it.

N: I chose construction because I like wood and saws.

Tell us some things that people do not know about Construction.

N: People think that construction is just sawing and making clocks but we actually learn about machines and it teaches you how to branch into other careers and build a strong foundation.

OK Raiders there you have it. Such a fun elective!