IB Student Interview

Hey Raiders!

I interviewed an IB student who is going to graduate this year, I asked him some questions to get the scoop on IB for grade 9 and 10 students who are interested or are enrolled.


  1. What is different from IB and Pre-IB?
  2. What do you guys do that the other students might not?  
  3. What are the regular class sizes?
  4. What are some tips for studying?
  5. How do you balance school work and extra-curriculars?

1. Pre IB is almost exactly the same as regular academic high school, the main differences are in terminology used in the courses and maybe a few extra concepts.

2. In IB we learn everything then learn in academic as well as first year university (that’s the case for HL subjects at least). The speed of the courses and the depth of the content is very extreme.

3. My biggest classes are 29 people (for two of my classes) and the other two have 13 and 17 people.

4. A tip I would give you would be to find a quiet place and grind. It’s important to get in the zone when you work where you won’t be interrupted so that you can really focus and be productive. For me that place is that public library with my headphones in. Another tip is to get together with your friends and study. A lot of the time they will have studied things that you didn’t or they just remember things that you forgot. 

5. I do my best. Sometimes you need to pull an all nighter and sometimes you have no choice but to hand in something late, such is life. It’s so important to be involved in extracurriculars and so any consequences of that are generally pretty worth it.