Is Sierra Burgess Really A Loser?

This past month Sierra Burgess is a Loser was released on Netflix and people are having mixed emotions.

Shannon Purser plays Sierra Burgess, a high school student who gets an unexpected text from the wrong person, Jamey. The problem is that it was meant for someone else — Veronica, the it-girl at their school. Their budding romance leads her to make a deal with Veronica to win his heart.

Doesn’t that sound cute? It has a range of stuff you would like: plus size representation, Noah Centineo, the satisfaction of the protagonist getting the guy and very cute conversations.

Some students had thoughts about the film:

Catfishing should not be rewarded because if a guy did it to a girl, he would get made fun of and couldn’t get away with it by writing one song.

Anon HT, Grade 9

I think the movie was great nothing can compare to TATBILB (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before), enjoyable

Anon Grade 9 STA

Their meet-cute was okay but the acting was REALLY cringey and uncomfortable to watch [the blindfolded kiss scene]. There was no connection.

Anon HT, Grade 10

I have a deaf brother and it was pretty disrespectful to have pretended to be deaf to get the guy you want. It is 2018 and disabilities are being recognized now, so it was inappropriate to have done that.

Anon STA, Grade 9

I think they were trying to send a good message about not being afraid to be who you are, that love is open to anyone, and that looks shouldn’t deceive. However, in the end, Sierra burns all her bridges by embarrassing Veronica and disappointing Jamey, her father and her best friend Dan. She never properly apologised and just wrote a song, which didn’t resolve the conflict

In conclusion, I would rate a 4.5/10

Quote from the movie:

High school is hard. Dating is harder. But finding yourself is the hardest.