Is There a Pressure for Female Athletes to Wear Makeup?

When stepping onto the field or court, the first thing you may think is what can you do to win it for your team. Or you may be thinking about how your makeup and hair looks.

Appearance is an important factor in many high schooler’s lives, whether they are an athlete or not. You may not think makeup and sweat go hand in hand; however, when you are a female athlete, there is still a pressure for us girls to look appealing at all times, even when playing sports. “Some people don’t feel comfortable going out without wearing a full face of makeup because they feel as though people might judge them based on their appearance,” an anonymous source revealed. It seems like today’s society is expecting more from female athletes to look their best; even when the circumstances do not allow it. Just when you thought that playing sports and staying active was enough, looking the part is also what you sign up for if you are a female athlete.

It’s not just high school female athletes that feel this pressure, but also professional female athletes that compete in the Olympics. They not only want to feel their best because they are being filmed and watched by millions of people, but because they feel empowered looking their best.

Not all of these points apply to every female athlete because not all girls feel pressured in this way. For some, maybe their parents simply do not approve of them wearing any makeup. Either way, there are many high school girls who feel as though they must always look their best no matter what they are doing; even if it is playing sports. When you look your best and you know it, it boosts your confidence, which is sometimes needed when playing sports.

You feel good about yourself and in turn, play well. “Their confidence is shot when not wearing makeup,” an anonymous source commented. It gives you a feeling that you can conquer the court or even bring back a win for STA.