Lili’s Death: A Poem

Lili’s Death

Her eyes full of fear

Her heart as cold as ice

Heart swelled with a sea of tears

At her demise

I remembered her eyes

With many unspoken words in them

The last kiss, hug or embracing touch

Dance, laugh or uplifting rush

Reliving that moment when it meant so much

I can feel her soul leaving

Those clouds that sailed across the sky

She never even said goodbye

To hold and to cherish

She should have known how much she meant to me

Those eerie feeling you have never felt before

All these moments gone, leaving you wanting more

I wonder if her drifting soul became a star

Her frail hands, cold as ice, to the touch

Being able to have her respond to me would be nice

A possibility, gone for eternity

Our past – laughs soaring

Present- heartbreaking

Future- apart

I hope I could see her soon

In this sad world full of gloom

While it slowly comes to it’s doom

I only ask of one thing, that she does not forget about me