Too BLESSED to be STRESSED: A Guide to Relaxation

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by…” This is a quote by Douglas Adams.

It is very easy to see assignments and procrastinate. You get tired of looking at rubrics and test dates. I’ve got to say stress is the biggest plague since the Spanish Flu.

Stress and anxiety can feel very similar. Anxiety causes stress, and stress can trigger anxiety. It is important to know that.

Stress Symptoms

  • Low energy and headaches
  • Chest pain/rapid heartbeat
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Upset stomach and tense muscles
  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns

Stress is apart of being human, so not always feeling in the right headspace is fine. Here are ways to manage and help alleviate it.

Shift Your Mindset

Don’t look at things like a glass half full, even if it’s hard. It harms your perception of school making you want to give up. Adopt a positive mindset even if it takes every bone in your body.  

Time Management

Make lists, prioritize and sleep if you can it helps productivity. There are apps for this too.  

Don’t Rush

Rushing your work will make you feel stressed afterwards. I suggest slowing down and expanding your mind.

Have Fun

You shouldn’t feel the need to work ALL the time. Breaks are needed and if they are fun, then double bonus. Rewards for doing your work are great too, hanging out with family or going out!


4-7-8 breathing exercise. Close your eyes and mouth. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale through your Mouth for 8. Repeat multiple times, it helps.  

Get Moving

Exercise releases toxins from your body and gets things moving, so running, stretching, swimming and taking long walks are a good stress reliever. 


Write stuff down! Keep a log of all the good or bad feelings that you deal with on the daily. Don’t be afraid to say what you need to say because it’s for your eyes only.


Dance it out. Scream it out. Listen to the music that comforts you, and allow yourself to meditate in your own unique way.

Ask for Help

Seems self explanatory, but some people have a lot of trouble with this. If you would rather suffer than ask for help that’s when some problems start.

Here are some awesome websites and phone numbers that can help you:

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868