Student Vote: Meet Sushila Pereira

The Christian Heritage Party, a relatively unknown political bloc, has brought forth Oakville artist and professional Sushila Pereira to represent them in our riding. The CHP, a party rooted in traditional Christian values, was a source of inspiration for Pereira’s campaign. “There are so many life issues going on, abortions taking place in Canada. That is actually why I was interested in running, to promote the sanctity of human life at all stages.” Sushila tells me. 

Sushila remarks how near the start of her campaign, few knew anything about the Christian Heritage Party, but she has been working intensively, knocking on doors in all corners of our riding, to advertise her candidacy. “We stand for justice and freedom. To protect freedom of speech and religion,” she announces. 

I question whether her party’s plan to repeal the carbon tax is a rational decision amid a climate crisis. Ms. Pererira believes it is, citing carbon is absorbed by plants and trees to produce oxygen, which we need to breathe.

“We agree we must take better care of the Indigenous people. We are living on their land, all the places in Canada were once their land,” she remarks on Indigenous affairs. 

Sushila describes how seeing impoverished and homeless native people downtown Toronto is a source of sadness for her. “I would try to at least see they have a place to live or rehabilitate them because I think they are into drugs and alcohol…so I think they should have a place to go and rest or have some relief.” 

Ms. Pereria mentions to me how she is still relatively new to her party and is still mastering their policies. As a result, Ms. Pereira wasn’t able to go into detail on her party’s economic policy. She did, however, make clear that her party firmly believes marriage is a commitment solely between a husband and wife and “would protect people from gender confusion going on in the schools.” 

Ms. Pereira thinks her pro-life values is what distinguishes her in the election race. “The other candidates are kind of okay with abortion rights and say women have the right to choose…We respect life and we believe in the sanctity of human life, right from the start, up until the natural death.”