New Years Resolution Ideas

2020 fireworks

Hey Raiders! A new decade calls for new adjustments, This decade is the defining decade for us. Graduation, degrees and families. To achieve our goals and become the change we want to see in our future. Here are some resolutions, big and small for the every day achiever!

  • Learn a new instrument or sport (school sports)
  • Read 2 books a month (novels, bios or memoirs)
  • Sleep earlier (2 extra hours on weeknights)
  • Stop procrastinating homework (start 1 hour earlier)
  • Save money (save every 5 dollar you come across)
  • Become more self-confident
  • Stay healthy (don’t achieve to lose weight but get better eating habits and a daily walk)
  • Drink water daily (start with 5 daily, then go up to 9)
  • Swear and gossip less (better mental health an more stable relationships)
  • Be more punctual (to parties, school, better time management skills)
  • Volunteer more (not just for the hours but to be involved in the community and meeting new people)
  • Learn a new language (especially if your parents speak one, try to communicate with them and your culture)

More than half of New Years Resolutions fail. Here are some ways to staying on track and building up character.

  1. Be specific with your goals – you can even make a dream board of what it will look like
  2. Make a small list of three to six goals that pertain to you- having too many goals to juggle, it will discourage you and overwhelm you. It makes no sense to be a jack of all trades and a Master of none
  3. Get an accountability partner- whether it’s one person or four. Having someone check in on you helps get the job done.
  4. Track your progress in a journal- it’s fun to see the progress and see where to improve
  5. Watch videos- Youtube has thousands of videos of people that have gone what you are trying to achieve. Get some advice and learn from the mistakes they made
Have a Happy New Year Raiders!