Love’s Arrival

Amusement park ride at night

I thought I knew what love was

Love was EXACTLY what i needed

Love was everything I thought I needed in a person

Our music, our talks, our mutual friends

When love arrives he doesn’t try with me

He subtly draws me towards

When love arrives He smiles that half smile, half love, half interest

Love can’t speak english 

Love doesn’t like the same things that I do

Am I hindering love?

Am I forcing love so hard that it wants to punish me for it’s turmoil?

Does love want to lose me on purpose?

Why do I deal with it

Love isn’t meant to be harsh

Why be mad at the universe for keeping me single

Why try?

Because when true love arrives, I won’t feel like running anymore

Running for too long exhausts someone like me who tries too hard

But if I stop to smell the roses on my run

Someone who was in the same situation will find me