Prom Survival Guide: Promposals and the Inside Scoop

Illustration by Sally Edenstein

Promposals… such a slippery topic. What makes promposals so special, and sometimes cringy is the fact that they are done once in a lifetime and never again.

At STA, you might’ve seen how popular promposals are. You may wonder how the heck they mustered up the guts to ask? Surely it takes a lot of Raider strength, but it is all found within. The season of promposals is not very far, and soon enough the school will be filled with couples drooling over each other.

With that in mind, if you’re struggling with finding a way to prompose and your friends’ or mom’s ideas aren’t really convincing you, we got you!

As a personal opinion, we admire those who make it a fancy occasion and put a lot of effort into it. Like wow, dude, good for you. And to the receiver, how fortunate. What makes promposals so gut-wrenching? It perhaps depends on the relationship. If you are about to prompose to your crush, then yes, it’s understandable why you feel like an Alien is about to explode out of your stomach. What about when you’re proposing to your significant other? More confidence must be present. Unless your partner is very hard to impress I’m sure you can relax.

Although we admire those who make it a whole fancy occasion, it doesn’t have to be. A simple ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ can suffice. Keep in mind that it’s easier to ask the magical question once you’ve been in a relationship with the person. When it’s your crush and they have no idea you like them, it might feel like a whole load of butterflies in your stomach. Remember: confidence is key!

The Inside Scoop

Promposals Outside of STA…

Corpus Christi: For such a big school, you’d think promposals would be a big thing there. However, according to a Corpus student, promposals are not so big as they are at STA. The few that happen aren’t as creative and don’t get much attention. It is good to know STA has a good prom spirit!

Blakelock: As we all know, Blakelock is a school reliant on its artistic ability. For the most part, if you’re an art kid you probably go to this school, which could prove to be a challenge to outdo the competition. In an interview, a Blakelock student remarked:

“Because it’s an art school everyone feels the need to go big or go home.”

According to our anonymous insider, dance numbers and big painted posters are not uncommon throughout Blakelock promposals.  

Extra Hot Topic:

Should Girls Propose?

Before you get provoked, this is a discussion that has been debated for many years. Quick answer before continuing: YES.

Girls can for sure propose, and man, are they fun to watch. Promposing in the past was indeed a guy thing to do, along with others such as holding the door, tucking in chairs, etc. These are typical traditional practices, but it is 2018, everyone, things have changed.

Times change, and throughout the years we see more and more people stepping out of their shells. Struggling with sexuality or being ashamed of who you love is a pressing issue. So, it’s great to see anyone prompose, and we can’t wait for this 2018 prom year to kick off. In short, everyone can prompose and ask someone to tag along with them to their graduating party.

We are interested in hearing from YOU. Discuss, debate, and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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