Raider Weekly Briefing – Premiere Edition

Hello and welcome to the first Raider Weekly Briefing. We are calling this the Premiere Edition as it’s not production but just a premiere-like test for the actual. Let’s roll!

Starting out with this week’s local news, Listen up senior raiders: Oakville’s political standpoint might be undergoing a serious change. Previously, Oakville was separated as Oakville South and North/Burlington, but it’s now becoming Oakville East and West. STA will be in Oakville West, but many fellow raiders might be in Oakville East as well.
Moving forward to National News, Ottawa is undergoing some serious political trouble as PM Trudeau is under immense pressure regarding foreign interference for elections. A primary investigation has proved no evidence of meaningful interference, but more investigations and probes are being launched regarding this very serious matter. Now to world news, the war continues against Ukraine with the new drone attacks and military advances its been making, but Ukraine is pushing back with the use of donated military equipment and international support. Our prayers go out. The Turkey situation is dire, with officials estimating over $80 billion US dollars in damage, or $109 billion Canadian, and an economical collapse in the region. We are hoping for safety and well being.

That’s all for today, thanks for having me. See you guys in the first briefing hopefully next Friday. I’m out!

By Yousef Kashif, March 9 , 2023

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