ThinkFAST 2022

What is ThinkFAST? 

ThinkFAST is a fundraiser hosted by the Development and Peace Club to raise awareness and money for poverty and famine in the global south. The event provided students with knowledge about various issues going on in the world (including issues in Canada), the ability to fundraise for a good cause and earn 15 volunteer hours. In addition, students participated in fasting for 25 hours, from 3:00pm on Thursday, March 10th to 4:00pm on the following day.

Requirements for the Hours

  1. Register!
  2. Donate 10 dollars.
  3. Attend the virtual zoom meeting.
  4. Spend Friday lunch and time after school in the chapel.

Throughout the 24 Hours

ThinkFAST required students to log in to a Zoom meeting on Thursday evening, where they got to know what Development and Peace was, played games like Pictionary, watched an interesting documentary and had time to journal. This offered the opportunity to dig deeper into the issues the hosts had discussed.

The next day, the students met in the chapel for lunch for group activities, photos, and the ability to eat some rice if needed to fend off some of their hunger. 

At the end of the day, students returned to the chapel for some Kahoots, board games, and to finish their fast. The fast ended around 4pm and the students dug into the six or more pieces that each of them had (they were all relieved to eat). Additionally, they received 15 volunteer hours from participating in the fast, Zoom meeting and donating to Development and Peace which was a sweet addition to supporting a good cause. 

St. Thomas Aquinas contributed a total of $1095 to date when their goal was $100, great job Raiders!

Be sure to look out next year for the ThinkFAST event! Where it will be even more fun than the last! 

A message from the co-leads: “Join development and peace!”