Voice: The Final Countdown

Grade 12 is a busy time. Not only are they thinking about the workload and homework, but there’s graduation, prom, university applications, paying for university, going to university… It’s incredibly stressful and takes a lot of focus…a thing that most Grade 12’s lack. So, how do they get through the perilous final year of high school? Aquinas.me sat down with two seniors, Christeen Salik and Alex Arabit, to discuss their thoughts on Grade 12.

Aquinas.me: How has your final year at STA been treating you so far workload-wise?

Alex: Well, it’s been four years so we’re kind of getting used to it. Coming out of IB has been helpful in lessening the load and allowing me to have more time to do all of the other things that I need to do for graduation and next year.

Christeen: The workload hasn’t changed much. The difficult part is just to balance the workload with extra-curricular activities (go PJ’s!!), part-time work, social life, and STILL get enough sleep in the day (which — trust me — is essential to survival in this final year). Oh, and you can’t forget those scholarship applications which each have a different date to submit by!

Aquinas: What’s your key way of dealing with stress in your life?

Alex: Reading and food.

Christeen: ZZZ…

Aquinas: What universities have you applied to and what for? Do you have a top choice? Have you been accepted to any yet?

Christeen: U of T for Criminology, Ryerson for psychology, McMaster for Social Work, and UTM for Art/Art History. I’m obviously all over the place so it’s hard to state a top choice, but the paid internships that McMaster promises are very tempting… Yes, I’ve been accepted somewhere. *does the happy dance* But I rejected them.

Alex: UTM, Ryerson, and York for English. My top choice is UTM. Yes, I’ve been accepted somewhere!

Aquinas: And finally, any words of advice for future Grade 12’s?

Christeen: Health is wealth. Balance is key… Get some sleep.

Alex: I have enough trouble making decisions for myself, I don’t feel that I’m qualified to be giving anyone advice…

To all Grade 12’s, we wish you luck on your future endeavours and year. And don’t forget- it only gets harder from here!