The Noose is Up

I freeze, I freeze! While the weather is cold outside, the school play goes on. Come see STA’s brilliant new production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, running now until Saturday. Do you like, murder? Deception? Manipulation? Then this is the play for you. The Crucible takes place in a Puritan town in the 17th century, Salem, Massachusetts. When a few of the girls are accused of witchcraft, the town falls into madness as they try to cleanse Salem of its sins. The cast shines as the characters grapple with life’s essential questions: Am I a good person? Even if I have sinned? What is a lie? Is life fair?

The play is running from Wednesday night to Friday night at 7pm, and on Saturday at 1pm. Tickets are sold in the cafeteria at lunch or at the doors. Come support your fellow Raiders, and stay tuned for another article to come featuring interviews from the cast and crew.