A Season of Love


STA’s sweethearts: Veronica Mendez and Malcolm McIvor.

           Along with Black History month, February is also a time associated with love thanks to Valentine’s Day. One amazing couple who shared their thoughts and opinions on love in general, and for each other, is Veronica Mendez and Malcolm McIvor. They are both in Grade 12 and have been dating since October 2015. When asked how they got to know each other, Miss. Mendez replied with a smile that they first met in Ms. Power’s Grade 11 English class last year. Miss. Mendez also added that when she first met Mr. McIvor, she thought he was very funny, intelligent, but mainly extremely cute. Mr. McIvor said that he thought Miss. Mendez was energetic and kind of cute when he first met her. According to Miss. Mendez, Mr. McIvor is also very kind. When asked what she liked the best about him, Miss. Mendez replied: “He’s a sweetheart,” and she mentioned that he always considers her views and opinions. Mr. McIvor also says he thinks Miss. Mendez is: “… very funny and I find her very smart,” and he also repeated that he thinks she is cute. Miss. Mendez also said that she was extremely happy she waited to find someone who she believes she has a true connection with, and she thinks she’s very lucky to have found someone such as Mr. McIvor to be with. With final words of advice, Miss. Mendez believes that true honesty and acceptance are key to any romantic relationship.