Throwback 2015


2015 was an interesting year to the say the least. It was filled with wondrous moments of joy, as well as heart breaking disasters. There were many terrible events that took place in 2015 but there were also many good.

Some of the more pleasant events include the following; Ireland became the first nation to legalize same – sex marriage with a majority vote. Princess Charlotte of Britain was born and SpaceX created a rocket ship – Falcon 9 – a ship that can refuel itself. Along with this, NASA had a few major accomplishments this past year. The first being that they discovered flowing water on the surface of Mars. The other two consisted of the landing on Ceres, a dwarf planet and the flyby of Pluto. While the loss of MH370 was dreadful time, the discovery of a piece of the wing brought hope to the grieving family of the deceased. And though the Syrian crisis is most defiantly a sad and painful reality of our planet, it is amazing to see our world working together to take in the refugees, providing shelter and a chance at a better life. 2015 had its ups.

But it also had its downs. This year, we were rocked with 2 large natural disasters. Those being the Nepal earthquake and Hurricane Patricia, which was the most intense hurricane ever to hit the Western Hemisphere. There were also aviation incidents this year. Including the German Wings flight that crashed into the French Alps. Another European event incudes the Greek debt crisis, in which Greece filled for bankruptcy. And one of the most well known, horrendous events that took place this year was the Paris attacks, which killed over 130 people. This act of terrorism had the France of lockdown as well as many of the surrounding counties.

Though 2015 was a year filled with some bad it contained a lot of good and so I bid you all a happy New Year and the best in 2016.