What’s My Fortune III

I will myself to stop shaking, but my own body refuses me as I look at my surroundings.

There he is, my best friend for six years before the incident that killed all of those people on the fairground. The wave of screams, and just as fast as they started there was silence. Just like this incident.

There he was, no life left in his eyes. The memories pulled me deep as I looked at the shattered glass around me. When I first moved here scared of my own shadow, and still suffering the trauma that the Witch had caused, he had run straight for me. He was excited to have someone close to his age, and I fainted right there scared to death.

When he had gotten in trouble after we both snuck out that night he went days without food because he had refused to speak my name.

“‘First the one you love most will die, and you will witness all of it, but though this may hurt, just wait.’” I quote the exact words the Witch had spoken to me that night, and I know that the second will follow soon.

“Just wait lovely, just wait,” I wirl at the voice, dagger in hand to find a startled guard blinking away the fog from his eyes.

I need a horse, and food. My getaway bag has been packed for years now. I look at Tan’s body, and I know what I have to do: I have to find the Witch.