Your 2021 Summer to-watch list

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE -- "Dillman" Episode 709 -- Pictured: (l-r) Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Andre Braugher as Ray Holt, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

Let’s be honest—last summer was kind of boring.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

This year you can entertain yourself by watching some (or all) of these high-rated (by IMDb standards, anyways) TV shows all available on the world’s best boredom killer—Netflix.

Umbrella Academy

IMDb: 8/10

Genre: Action

Seasons: 2 (another coming)

Year: 2019

An intellectual monkey, seven siblings with superpowers, doomsday, time travel, robot-mom, questionable hitmen—this show is dramatic, to say the least. Once you get past the initial confusion (trust me, you’ll get used to the monkey), this show is filled with action, sarcasm, and tropey love stories. It’ll definitely keep in entertained. 

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

IMDb: 7.9/10

Genre: Drama

Seasons: 2 (another coming)

Year: 2019

If you love cool visuals and gen-z mockery, this show is for you. This fast-paced (see what I did there?) comedic show will keep you coming back for more… that is, if you don’t mind the criminal aspect that a couple of teengers are selling ecstasy on the dark web.

Breaking Bad

IMDb: 9.4/10

Genre: Crime 

Seasons: 5

Year: 2008 – 2013

A high school chemistry teacher and his former student decide to cook meth together, what can go wrong? This show is one of the highest-rated IMDb tv shows. If that alone doesn’t make you want to watch it like RIGHT NOW, this show features talented actors, beautiful scenery, a captivating narrative… and some very iconic memes (yeah science!). 

Good Girls

IMDb: 7.8/10

Genre: Crime

Seasons: 4

Year: 2018

Your average PTA moms decide to rob a grocery store… but find a little too much cash. The next thing they know, they’re caught up in a money-laundering scheme. This dark-comedy tv show is both absolutely hilarious and intense—perfect to binge in a week… or in a couple of days.

Black Mirror

IMDb: 8.8

Genre: Sci-fi

Seasons: 5

Year: 2011 – 2019

Possibly the most mind-bending, twisted tv show to have ever surfaced on this planet. In this British series, each episode features a different harrowing future that showcases our reliance on technology. Slightly terrifying and thought-provoking—it’ll leave you wondering for days.

Behind her Eyes

IMDb: 7.2

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Seasons: 1

Year: 2021

Chances are you’ve already watched it, but if you haven’t, definitely give it a go. This show follows a woman as she develops an intimate relationship with a psychiatrist while befriending his peculiar wife. Oh, and trust me, you don’t see the ending coming.


IMDb: 7.9

Genre: Thriller

Seasons: 3

Year: 2015 – 2017

A dysfunctional but successful family begins falling apart as their secrets begin to surface. If you love a slow-burn with no happy ending, this show is for you. There is not much action, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat as the plot begins to unravel.

The Haunting of Hill House

IMDb: 8.6

Genre: Horror

Seasons: 1

Year: 2018

Flashing between present and past, a family falls victim to a (potentially) haunted house as they try to decipher what’s real. If you don’t mind a couple jump-scares, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by this show as you grow attached to the siblings… and begin to pray they don’t die. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

IMDb: 8.4

Genre: Comedy

Seasons: 7 (another coming)

Year: 2013

If you haven’t heard of this show… in what world do you live in? This show contains some of the most iconic jokes and remarkable characters. If you like the Office and Parks and Recreation, put this show on your to-watch list.

Money Heist

IMDb: 8.3

Genre: Thriller

Seasons: 4 (another coming)

Year: 2017

A team of criminals are brought together by a man only known as “The Professor” to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. Simple, right? Nope—something literally always goes wrong because of one character I won’t mention. This show is gripping, dramatic and highly addictive… only begin watching after school ends. 


IMDb: 8.8

Genre: Mystery

Seasons: 3

Year: 2017 – 2020

This is probably the most twisted time-traveling show ever created. If you’re confused at the beginning, it’s okay—I was too. Trust me, it gets better. Whoever created this show is a mind-bending master with a very vivid imagination. Give it a shot—once you begin to comprehend what’s happening, it’s an amazing show that allows you to come up with your own theories and conclusions.

Happy watching!