The Cousin’s Book Review

This past school year has been…different, to say the least. But Ms. Dennis and the Book Club have made the best of it. While they have been unable to meet in person nor as often as they normally would, they have managed to meet twice this year. 

The latest book the club read is The Cousins by Karen McManus.It is a suspenseful, family drama that centers around Milly, Aubrey and Jonah Story, who have been invited to work at their grandmother’s exclusive resort in the Hamptons. There is one catch, however; this is the first time they’ve ever heard from her since she cut off all of their parents nearly 25 years prior. Soon upon their arrival, they realize that maybe it wasn’t their grandmother who invited them in the first place.

This story follows the three cousins as they discover secrets about the family they thought they knew as well as more about each other. It is perfect for those who love a good mystery that also places as much importance on fully developing the character as it does the story. It had me flipping through the pages, eager to find out exactly what happened to get their parents disinherited. While I will not spoil anything as this is a book best experienced first hand, I found the end to be satisfying while also leaving it open for a sequel should the author wish to delve back into the world of the Story family. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, summer thriller then look no further than Karen McManus’ The Cousins!

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