Album Review Sweetener by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is an iconic r&b singer, songwriter, creator, etc. This album got her very known for her music, very well correlating with each other, without fear of upbeat and enthusiasm, I recommend listening to this album, as it is a temporary cure for corona. The stillness of her album is so crazy and unbelievable.

Raindrops (an angel cried)– mind grasping, a cappella, very beautiful and quick intro. (8/10)

Blazed (ft Pharrell Williams)– my personal favourite, repetition of lyrics, very effortless and clever alternation of verses. Consistent upbeat sound throughout.(15/10)

The light is coming (ft Nicki Manaj)-this collab was amazing, very underrated song, so different from her usual, includes a very fast tempo, with drums and synths. includes a very important meaning, consider this a narrative of the unknown, “you wouldn’t let anybody speak”.(9/10)

R.E.M– very dreamy and calming could put me to “sleep”, very smooth and sweet to the ears, this song was very well done, with vibrato in various places.(9.5/10)

God is a Woman-very empowering, this song caught all the eyes of all women, the instrumental is very interesting using a harp like beachy channel, choir like conclusion, inspires unity of women. (9.5/10)

Sweetener- vocalization and the instrumental have a weird correlation in the beginning but go together amazing later. Has different sections, like a catchier channel, with the cool chorus and satisfying bop, breath of fresh air. Piano sections hold a consistent beat, and we hear weird click sounds that create diversity in this captivating sound. Similar to her best album “Yours Truly”. Great title track.(8.8/10)

Successful-very unique sound, jazzy elevator sound, with overlapping vocalizations, wow. So many different elements to create this song, the chorus is very relaxed opposed to the vocalizations without and humming adds to her character(yuh), different structure used to create this song. (9.1/10)

Everytime– common beat, very consistent, quite casual, leaving great impressions towards the end, very well written, has a beautiful connection to Mac Miller, this song and touches all our hearts. (7.3/10)

Breathin– makes her audience literally breathe again, I find that there are similar beats to “Love me Harder”, these two songs doesn’t cease to pause the music to focus on her voice(7.6/10)

No tears left to cry– this song got everyone’s attention in the 2018, very popular, confidence boosting song, upbeat and strengthening r&b song, uses a different singing technique from her usual, but one of her hits. (8.1/10)

Borderline(ft Missy Elliott)– pretty fast tempo, rather than the singing shows of the gives off 90’s diva, chic instrumental, I wish Missy’s line were a bit lengthier, but overall this is a takes you to a perfect magical dimension.(8.9/10)

Better off– almost like crystal, echoing, and concentrating beats, and ticks, almost like a rapid ballad, with a violin finish (8.7/10)

Imagine– simply one of the songs that showcase her talent, simply the best song of this album, uses a bird harmonious sound that I never knew I could dream of, takes place in the clouds, beyond wonder.(11.5/10)

Goodnight n go– almost like a forced remix, her voices sinks in unnaturally into the trap, i believe there are better elements in this song like a quiet note holding harmony, but a bit confusing and not much relating sounds, but interesting use background here, within the quieter sounds.(6.9/10)

Pete davidson– very quick and cute song, people judge this song because of the name, but I say don’t mind it, listen to the actual song. The yuh makes this song suit it’s character, I love how the chorus isn’t really much lyrics more of oohing and the quick transition from cool and relaxed beat to violin which we see a lot in this album (9.2/10)

Get well soon– love the snapping concepts, and she hits every note possible in this song. Using a lower register to complete the amazing high notes, and choir like chemistry, yuh. This song is like a warm song that gives hope, sound waves elevate her voice, finger snaps and piano, very pleasing. So beautiful and respectful with the tribute to Manchester 5:22. Great finish of this album.(10/10)

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  1. OMG, I totally agree! “The light is coming” is totally slept on and I think the fast beat is addicting and perfect for when I want something exciting.Great review!!

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