Running with Team Unbreakable

by Sierra V.

Many people don’t enjoy running. It’s easy to feel like exercise is a chore – something that makes us feel frustrated rather than empowered, worse rather than better. Team Unbreakable aims to change that, shedding light onto the enjoyable side of running and highlighting its many benefits.

Team Unbreakable is an organization that partners with high schools and community organizations to create teen running groups aimed at helping teens achieve better mental health. The program was inspired by an anonymous young woman battling depression. She described the feeling she got when participating in run-group therapy as “unbreakable”. It was this idea on which the organization was based. The whole focus of the program is to improve your physical and mental health, no matter where your starting point is or where you aim to be.

STA is lucky enough to have this program available to all students, regardless of fitness level or skill. Each week builds off of the last, meaning the overall goal is to improve at whatever pace you’re capable of. Each run is about improving your fitness until the final event – a 5K run.

The atmosphere of Team Unbreakable is super supportive and upbeat. Ms. Maciel is the staff leader for this group and many other staff members join in to participate in the engaging program.

If this is club is something you’re interested in, pick up a permission form by the phys ed office and meet in the foyer after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to start feeling unbreakable!