Confessions of a Conscientious Objector

By: B. McDonald

It is the tale that has been passed down from generation, to generation. PROM. Yes it is a thing, and yes, it has infected a majority of the grade twelve population. Nevertheless, I continuously ask myself ‘Bailey, why is prom such a big deal?’ well, I think I’ve finally cracked the code. There are plenty of variables that contribute to the whole idea of prom. There could be relentless pressure from peers, and other family members who constantly nag you “Prom is the biggest social event of your High-School career!” and “You should go, it’ll be the time of your life!” However to that I say “No. Stop. Please.” If you want to go to prom, by all means feel free. But these are the reasons why prom is extremely overrated.


  1. It’s expensive  

I asked around and was completely appalled by the sums of money I heard people shell out for one night. I get it, “B-but Bailey, you don’t understand it’s PROM!” Yes, HOWEVER PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND it’s just one night! These girls spending upwards of triple digits on a dress that they can only wear once, the thought makes me cringe. All judgment aside, if you want to spend ‘x’ amount of money on prom, go right ahead! 


  1. Stress

Prom may, or may not make you want to rip your hair out for plenty of reasons. Planning who sits at your table, who is invited to the pre-prom, who gets a ride in the limo, who does your hair and make-up, and God forbid if someone has the same dress as you! To me, prom seems like a big stress inducer. 


  1. What happens at prom, stays at prom.

If you don’t mind  a bunch of loud hormonal teens, dancing up on each other I personally would recommend prom to you. Although this is not my cup of tea. The music is way too loud, and my Spidey senses tell me the music is often not to my liking. I rather do something productive on a Friday night like saving orphans from a burning building.

  1. Newsflash prom is not the pinnacle of High-School!

It’s awfully disappointing to think that some people equate prom to the height of their social life. I understand Prom has been engraved in your mind since such a young age that it will be the most magical moment of your life, but that’s only because of Footloose. Darn you Kevin Bacon!


All opinions expressed in this article are those I formed on my own, and do not reflect Saint Thomas Aquinas Secondary Catholic School.