Fall Coffee House

By Grace O

A dark room, dimmed lights, friends, and the delicious smell of desserts; all this set the perfect mood for last night. On November 17, from 7-9pm, STA held their annual Fall Coffee House, hosted by the Peace & Justice Club. All of the proceeds made that night went to the Canadian Red Cross.

That night, eighteen performers came out to show their great talent in front of many people. We kicked off the night with a duet performing “Perfect” by Hedley, with a singer and a pianist. The song was amazing and props to the pianist for her amazing piano skills. We then had Vanessa perform “Yayo” by Lana Del Rey. Her voice was rich and deep, and we can’t forget to mention her amazing guitar skills.

The night went on with performance after performance. “Cold Water”, “Story of My Life”, “18”, and “Radioactive” were just some of the songs that were performed. There was even an original song called “Haliburton”. It had a dark vibe to it and I personally loved it. The last performer before the intermission serenaded his girlfriend, whose birthday just happened to be that night. Happy Birthday, girl!

The fifteen-minute intermission was the perfect time to stretch, say hi to friends, and just get some baked goods. And if you were getting tired or feeling a little sleepy, it was the perfect time to find the spare change hidden in the bottom of your bag and get some wonderfully made coffee, thanks to Tim Hortons. If you were hungry, you could buy a snack for a dollar or less. Cupcakes, brownies, and cookies of all sorts, lined the tables. That’s all thanks to the members of the PJs, who brought all the heavenly snacks. Again, all the proceeds went to Red Cross.

Coming back from the break, we continued on with the show. A wonderful piano piece by Chopin was played. After, we had a duo singing “Lost in the Light” by Bahamas. Their harmonizing was absolutely wonderful.

The night went on with all the great performances. Everyone waved their phones in the air, creating a concert-like atmosphere. It was truly amazing.

When nearing the end of the night the MCs, kept hinting that there was a super secret act. The surprise was a special performance from Tim who performed “Desperado” and “Viva la Vida”. He got everyone singing and clapping along. It was a great way to end the show.

All in all, this year’s Fall Coffee House, was a hit. The performers were talented and  the desserts were delicious. Good job to all the performers and hopefully we see them next time at the spring Coffee House.