Marvel Movies Analysis: Phase 1

Whether you are a Marvel fan or not, you are bound to have seen one of these blockbuster films. As a Marvel fan myself, here are the Marvel films in order of release, and my rating out of 100. This takes into account plot and character development, impact on the overall Marvel universe, and the cinematic experience. As a disclaimer, these are my opinions on the films and will/may not be the same as many other MCU fans, with that said here are the films.

Scoring System:

20 points for entertainment

20 points for impact on Marvel universe 

20 points for a cinematic experience 

20 points for visuals and visual effects

20 points for character development 

Iron Man (2008)

This film was the start of the popularity of the marvel universe. It  provided an incredibly thorough insight into the mind of Tony Stark, a vital character to the entire universe and gave the audience a different narrative on what it is to become a superhero. This is one of my favourite films because of how determination, intelligence, and the ability to withstand obstacles are portrayed as valued traits. In addition, aside from the characters and plot, the visuals and settings in this movie were astounding as they varied from displaying a wretched and miserable cave to the ins and outs of an upper-class, billionaires’ home. This contrast is not only portrayed through the settings but through one of the vital parts of the film- the iron man suit. At first, we see it built from scraps and then evolving into a force to be reckoned with by the end of the film. 

Entertainment 18/20

Impact on marvel universe 18/20

Cinematic experience 18/20

Visuals and visual effects 19/20

Character development 20/20

Overall: 93/100

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

I have seen this film once when I was eight years old, and it will likely be the last time. Although this film gave some insight into Bruce Banner’s condition and his perspective on the situation as well as introducing an antagonist, the film had little effect on the marvel universe considering how the main thing most people absorbed from the film was the introduction to the already well-known character, The Hulk. This is especially evident when considering how many MCU fans have watched all of the films with complete understanding without ever having watched this film. 

Entertainment 12/20

Impact on Marvel Universe 6/20

Cinematic experience 12/20

Visuals and visual effects 14/20

Character development 11/20

Overall: 55/100

Iron man 2 (2010)

I thought this film was well done and shed light on an aspect of being a superhero that is often overlooked- the sharing of power and the pressure that comes with it. Not only do we see new sides to Pepper Potts and Tony Stark, but the audience is introduced to a vital character in the MCU- Natasha Romanoff, which is otherwise known as the Black Widow. Furthermore, we see James Rhodes, one of Tony Stark’s good friends,  into a suit of his own, becoming another character who fights on the battlefield. However, aside from the introduction of new characters and sides to already-known characters, the film does not have the largest impact on the Marvel Universe. 

Entertainment 16/20

Impact on Marvel Universe 15/20

Cinematic experience 17/20

Visuals and visual effects 18/20

Character development 18/20

Overall: 84/100

Thor (2011)

The Thor movie brought to life the greek-myth-based comics with the illustration of the world of Asgard and its inhabitants. Hence, it is the first time the truth is being unveiled to the audience about life and power outside of earth. The film’s visuals were absolutely beautiful with the image of Asgard being so individualistic and vivid along with the costume design for Thor, Loki, and other Asgardians being breathtaking. A contrasting dynamic and insightful backstory is established between the main character,Thor, and his brother Loki. Loki’s introduction is not only vital to the plot within the movies but for the entire Marvel Universe, as he is present in the rest of the Thor trilogy and the larger Avengers films. All in all, this movie inaugurates important characters and the reality of realms beyond Earth. 

Entertainment 18/20

Impact on marvel universe 19/20

Cinematic experience 18/20

Visuals and visual effects 18/20

Character development 17/20

Overall: 90/100

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

This film takes us to World War Two and is yet another contrasting film as it expands the Marvel timeline to far before the “present time” in the other films. It introduces us to Captain America who is another central character in all of the MCU. I thought this film was remarkable and had me engaged with its intriguing plot, following Steve Rogers, a man with a dream to serve his country. This film contrasts with others in the sense that it redefines what it means to be a hero. Here it is not centered around how strong you are, but rather your inner morals. Finally, we are also introduced to Bucky Barnes, Roger’s childhood friend who will also have large implications on future Marvel films. 

Entertainment 19/20

Impact on marvel universe 18/20

Cinematic experience 18/20

Visuals and visual effects 15/20

Character development 16/20

Overall: 86/100

The Avengers (2012)

This movie was incredible and really has the audience at the edge of their seats as they are finally seeing all of their favourite characters together. This film finally establishes the evil-fighting team:The Avengers. I think this film was unexpected in the plot as we see all of these different superheroes come together who are not compatible right away, despite the pressure of the world on their shoulders- literally. The visual effects in this film were astounding with the enemy Chitauri invading New York to the futuristic technology used by the characters. All things considered, I thought this was an amazing film because of how the film combined so many characters and still did not lose sight of the story arc. 

Entertainment 19/20

Impact on marvel universe 19/20

Cinematic experience 19/20

Visuals and visual effects 20/20

Character development 16/20

Overall: 93/100

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