OFSAA Try-Day Comes to STA

One highlight of a high school physical education program is learning a new sport or skill. The Ontario Federation of School Athletics Association extended the opportunity to purchase new equipment for 125 publicly funded high schools. They provided schools a $700 grant to enable the skill development of a new physical activity. With the $700 the STA Athletics department received, they purchased archery equipment, a sport many students have never tried out. From March 1st to 5th, three Grade 9 physical education classes and Mr. Alderson’s Grade 12 Outdoor Education class got the chance to learn a new activity. OFSAA graciously gave senior outdoor education students an opportunity to apply their leadership skills and allow the Grade 9 physical education students to learn something new and enjoyable during such an uncertain time. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken many sports and activities away from students, but this grant allowed us to keep that aspect of physical activity alive.

Staying active is such an important aspect of our lives because not only does it keep us physically healthy, it also keeps us mentally healthy. During such a stressful time, we need it now more than ever! For Grade 9 students, taking part in the trial run of a new sport is a great way to feel connected to the community, and we are very grateful that OFSAA allowed our freshman students to experience this enjoyable activity. Under the leadership of our Grade 12 Outdoor Ed students, the Grade 9 Phys-Ed classes also got the chance to meet the oldest leaders in the student population, something they did not think they would get the chance to do in our current situation. All the staff and students involved are so thankful to have received the chance to try a new activity thanks to the generosity of OFSAA!

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