Pros and Cons of Youtube

YouTube can be a very resourceful platform in many different ways. Whether you are searching up how to tie a tie, or maybe you just want to watch a funny cat video, YouTube is the place to go. However, it has it’s ups and downs.

YouTube has over 30 million viewers per day that watch content provided by Youtubers and others. Not only can you greatly learn from a single video, it is also free. When something is free people gravitate to it, it’s only human nature. Another reason why YouTube is great, is the privacy settings, so for those who just want to have fun with their creative ideas you can do so. Or if you only want your friends and family to see, ‘unlisted’ is another setting that allows people who only know the link of the video to enjoy it.

Although YouTube may seem to check off all the boxes, it also can be a place where many feel the need to be cruel to others. Along with a YouTube channel come hateful comments and dislikes. Not only are there many cyberbullies who take advantage of YouTube’s public platform to post things that are rude and frankly, unnecessary, it also comes with more downsides. Although this media site has had policies concerning the violent content in the past, it does not change the fact that there have been many occasions of kids watching videos where violent content is present. What is that showing our future world? Some of the violent content has not only been towards humans but animals too. Animal abuse is a heated issue on our Earth and showcasing it in a video online is not right.

YouTube is such a helpful tool and a fun way to spend your free time. But, just like anything else, it comes with its pros and cons.