Review: The Diary of Anne Frank

By Libby S.

Just a few days ago I went to see The Diary of Anne Frank, put on by our very own Theatre Aquinas. Now, days later, I am still astounded with how amazing it was. The Diary of Anne Frank is a play that is hard to put on due with it being so emotional. I think that the actors executed it very well and I was struck with how well the Annes did. Being Anne Frank is no light role, but being Haunted Anne (played by Lisa Markovia) is probably one of the hardest roles to be in this particular play. The character was the voice of Anne in her diary, the darker side to the bubbly and happy Anne. With such a small emotion range to choose from, I thought that she did an excellent job of being the other side of Anne that no one saw.

Another role that seemed challenging to play was Margot, the sister of Anne (played by Abby Green). Being a goody two shoes in any play can be challenging, especially if you are one who doesn’t talk much yet always does as they’re told. Margot was silent, well mannered and always did as she was asked. She was a quiet character, but she still needed to stand out as an important character. I think that she was portrayed perfectly as someone who always did what she was told, but was definitely the older and more mature sister.

I think that everyone did an amazing job in such a well known play and I have to give it to Mr. Dussel (played by Devon King) for dancing the macarena so beautifully at the end of the first act.

I hope that everyone was able to get a ticket for this years production of The Diary of Anne Frank, and if you didn’t, I hope that you get the chance to see next year’s play.