Self Care During the Break: 5 Simple Ways We Can Practice Wellness

5 Simple Ways We Can Practice Wellness

By Kayla Vasquez

This Christmas Break, I’m sure we’ll all be relieved that 2020 is finally coming to an end. While it’s obvious that the New Year won’t necessarily resolve our situation, it’s still a new and exciting opportunity. An opportunity that – may not allow us to put an end to the world’s problems, but will allow us to seize new beginnings and better ourselves. This is “Self Care During the Break: 5 Simple Ways We Can Practice Wellness.”

Way 1: Accept

Accept and acknowledge your feelings. Some of us may already be comfortable with honestly embracing our emotions, while others may repress them. Remember that all the challenges and adversity we face in life are impactful, whether they’re about school or work, family or friends, or any other personal issue. Being in denial or dismissing a situation will ultimately do more harm than good, and being emotionally real with yourself shows strength and wisdom. Then, whenever you’re ready, talk to someone you trust.

Way 2: Exercise

Exercise is a challenge. Its difficulty is enough to scare people away from making the effort, but exercise isn’t meant to be easy. We feel the most rewarded with ourselves when we overcome challenges and prove our worth, and it’s also scientifically proven that exercise makes you happier. For me, exercise is an outlet, where I can let go of anger and stress in a healthy way. Even light physical activity or a short workout can make a difference, as long as we set reasonable expectations and stay consistent. 

Way 3: Limit your News

We all know that it’s important to consume news. New updates on our situation and what’s going on in our community and around the world can be exciting and interesting, but they can also be overwhelming and – especially now, upsetting. Limit watching or reading the news for your own mental health and well-being, but update yourself when needed. 

Way 4: Think Positive

This is by far the most difficult thing I’m asking of you. It involves a total change of your mindset, your words, your actions, and your personality. Nevertheless, I promise you, it’s worth it. Being optimistic isn’t the embellished fake joy that it’s seen as, but quite the opposite. By being positive, we see the reality of a situation, but we also see the good in it and how we grow. We let go of frustration and gain confidence. By seeing what comes our way with encouragement and by choosing to put our happiness first, we are already winning. 

Way 5: Make an Effort

Just make an effort. Now, more than ever, our family and friends need us, and reaching out to show your support is so much more important. It’s easy to shut down and give in to the lonely atmosphere of quarantine, but we have to prioritize our well-being and that of others. Do a simple act of kindness. Just going the extra mile for someone can mean so much, even if it’s easy for you. Giving your time or effort for the greater good works wonders for your mental health and for the well-being of others. Make someone’s day. Be the bigger person, make an effort.

A final note:

I hope that my “5 Simple Ways We Can Practice Wellness” has motivated you to take care of yourselves and to stay well. You deserve it! No matter the circumstances (even without a pandemic), these five guidelines will always apply, and will only lead to improvement. We are never alone in what we face. Remember that everyone sees their own struggle in different ways and at different times, and by facing adversity, we will receive our reward.